tomas-tatar asked:

Tatar, Jurco, Kadri

lukeglendening answered:


  • Favorite: He’s Tatar and I’ve heard he’s super nice and he’s a great guy and he just seems so happy all the time? 
  • Least Favorite: Sometimes I think he tries to be too fancy on the ice. Like sometimes you just gotta whack at the puck and hope something happens when you don’t have time to deke around people. Then again, it’s good that he’s working on it because Datsyuk has seemed a little lackluster to me especially this past season.


  • Favorite: He’s young but I feel like he knows exactly what his role is on the ice and he’s got great hockey sense and knows where he’s supposed to be and he actually goes there.
  • Least Favorite: Oh lord this is hard. Honestly it’s that he’s not on the Wings all season, but that’s not really his fault. My least favorite thing is when he is’t wearing glasses because LORD that boy should wear them all the time. 


  • Favorite: He’s a POC playing hockey which is freaking awesome. I wish there were more. Also all I can remember about him is that gif of his coach asking him about complacency and him giving the completely wrong answer and it was hilarious haha
  • Least Favorite: I get the feeling he’s kinda cocky. Just something about him makes me feel like he’s a jerk and probably gets a lot of girls or pretends he gets a lot of girls, idk?